You Never Know Where You Might Find Images to Photograph.

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You never know where you may find, or stumble upon images to photograph. A couple of weeks ago I needed to have work done on the rear end differential of my truck. Since this is a bit of a specialized type of work, not every repair shop is equipped to perform it. My local repair shop referred me to a shop that turned out to be a family owned business that opened in 1976, and has always just specialized on rear ends. When I walked in I could immediately see this was a shop that knew their business, but was also an image rich environment for Black and White photography.


While going back to the shop to pick up my truck, I decided I had to ask the owner if he would allow me to photograph his shop. Worst thing he could say would be no. When I got to the shop I was told my truck was still having a little work completed on it and I was going to have to wait a little while for it to finish. So, there was the opportunity to ask the owner, ”Would you be open to allowing me to photograph in your shop”. I had my iPad with me that had images from this website loaded on it, as well as images of an old woodworking shop I had photographed. After viewing my work he immediately said yes! I walked thru the shop while waiting for my truck to be finished and saw image after image to photograph, but had no camera. Since the shop had been there for almost 40 years there was a wonderful patina present that would photograph well.


I managed to get back to the shop a few days later with my camera and was given full access to the shop. I spent close to 2 hours walking around, observing and photographing. I think I only moved one cardboard box out of a shot. All the other images were shot as I found them and with only the existing lighting in the shop. For those of you that can appreciate the subject matter, I hope you will enjoy the images.

View all the images in Places of Work - Hoopers. 


By the way they did an excellent job on my trucks rear end. I would highly recommend Hoopers Rear Ends, to anyone in the Los Angeles area if they need that type of automotive service.


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