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William 3William 3

Will was a 10-year-old fourth grader at the time the photos were taken, who like many other boys his age loves Star Wars, airplanes, dinosaurs, hanging out with friends and most other things boys of his age enjoy.  Where Will is different, is that he has “CP”, Cerebral Palsy which occurred at his birth, caused by parts of his brain that were injured due to low levels of oxygen (hypoxia) in some areas. The affect of the CP is that Will is a functioning quadriplegic, meaning he can move his arms and legs but does not have the fine motor control needed to do such things as sit unsupported, walk, write, feed himself etc. at this stage of his life. He also has impaired speech articulation due to fine motor control of his muscles.


What Will lacks in fine muscle control he more than makes up for it in personality, persistence, patience, determination and intelligence. He attends full mainstream public school and excels, with straight A’s. He is well liked among the kids at school with great friends who love his witty and edgy personality and the fact that who else has a cool wheelchair that can go very fast on the playground.


His patience, persistence and determination is demonstrated by simple acts such as using a rock to smooth off a stick over a period of days to make a crafted stick in the imagination of a 10 year old boy. The coordination to grasp and hold both a rock and a stick and the movement to craft the stick is a major feat for his CP muscle control. 


Will’s patience and determination is also helping him develop hand eye coordination to use the keys and touchpad of his laptop computer. He has managed to work thru links between web pages to search out his interests, bookmark and return to them. He still needs assistance to type in new seed words for new searches, but the navigates on his our.


The wheel chair, “Skippi” is his main means of getting around. With a joystick control he is able to navigate tight spaces with his remarkable 3 dimensional sense of space. Although it is sometimes difficult for him to get his hand onto to the joystick, once he has it, the fine control demonstrates in driving amazing.


Will, my son, truly demonstrates “Will” power in the way he approaches life.


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I am overwhelmed! A Dad's love for an amazing boy.
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