DC-3 Landing Gear

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DC-3 Landing GearDC-3 Landing Gear

I have always had a great love for airplanes, however there has always been a special place in my heart for the Douglas DC-3. This special fondness dates back to December of 1966 when my father took me on a trip as a very young boy, just he and I and the pilots, on a trip from Anchorage Alaska north across the arctic circle to what would become the Prudhoe Bay Oilfields a few years later. The plane was a C-47 which was the WWII military version of the DC-3. The flight was about 5 hours each way and we got to spend two days at the drilling rig. This was before oil was discovered at Purdhoe Bay.

This photo image was taken back in the early 1980's with 35mm film, at a static DC-3 display of what is now the California Science Center in Los Angeles. Unfortunately the the DC-3 is no longer there for viewing.



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