Five Women in Separate Thought

August 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Five Women in Separate ThoughtFive Women in Separate Thought


As many of you may have noticed, with the exception of the images from Shanghai China, I don't have many images with people in them. In fact in most cases I wait for people to exit my viewfinder before I take a shot. Well in this case I was completely focused on taking images of the the St. Charles Street Car in New Orleans arriving at Canal Street. It was 8pm on a Tuesday night this past June. When the car stopped in front me I stopped looking at the street car and noticed the women inside and how each one was in a world of there own. I can only imagine want each had on their mind, tried from a full day at work, wore down by the heat humidity of the day or of the day that was still ahead of them.


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